Saturday, April 21, 2012

Forrest Gump

Running is what many of us do to stay in shape. Some may argue that it is the best full body exercise ever created. No gym membership necessary, no funny color shoes, and no $600 bill for a personal trainer... You just set a goal get up and run.

We all run if you really think about it. In our life we all run for a specific reason. Death, relationships, people or situations in our life we often take off and run for our own reasons. Some may say that running is a bad thing. They would say that you shouldn't run because when you get back whatever the issue was or is will still be there. Kind of like having one to many drinks after getting laid off. You wake up the next morning not only with a headache but still laid off!

Lately I've been wanting to run. Like run and get lost somewhere where nobody knows me. Run until my legs feel like jello. Lately I've been giving so much of myself to others that I almost feel smothered. Lately I have had more fun being by myself then being with others. I do a god job putting on a mask but deep down I just want to run. Get missing... Just for a little while. Run away from all the people, places, and things (good or bad) just for a little while. I would come back... I think.

Life is so crazy!!! We have so many ups and downs it is almost depressing. I guess that is Gods way of keeping us honest and keeping balance is this perfect thing he created called life. I guess running like Forrest would be a good idea. After all at the end didn't he eventually get tired and wanted to go back home?

Running a full body exercise that can be physically and mentally refreshing. It strengthens the mind, body, and soul and sometimes it just feels damn good to run away. #DatIshKray