Saturday, March 2, 2013

Round Of Applause

Do you ever wonder who is going to hold your hand? Do you ever question the reason why someone is holding your hand? Do you wonder why they let your hand go so easy? Do you really know why someone holds your hand so tight? Do you ever worry about what someone would say if you reach out to hold their hand? Do you think someone would take the gesture the wrong way?

Is it just something else to do like getting a tattoo? Is it a small life changing event? Is holding someone's hand a contract or commitment or is it just you keeping a hand warm? Is holding a hand a ritual of some sort that changes from generation to generation? Is it the passion between two people displayed through a small gesture? How many times have you held a hand and knew it didn't want to be held? How many hands have you let go and wish you hadn't?  Do you really know what it means to hold someone's hand? Do you even care?

You can go through so much in life and never have no one to walk with. The trials and tribulations of life plus the want to just "feel' sometimes comes with a hefty price. You may go through life without ever holding a hand or you may hold a bunch of hands and still yearn for the warmth of holding a hand, walking through life, and never letting go. Amazing how something so small can mean so much.