Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Get Out Of The Way

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? I mean it is one of the worst things in the world. Trying to get some where and nobody seems to have the same motivation or rush attitude that you have. You start looking at the person in the other car and start driving for them or yelling at them under your breath (gotta be careful these days). You even think about the excuse you are going to use when you arrive to your destination late. Seems like you find everything wrong about being stuck in traffic.  MAN... one of the worst feelings ever.

These days it seems like being in traffic isn't so bad after all. Seems like the more traffic you are in the better. As we live, laugh, learn, and love it seems like what we want and desire seems to increase for different reasons that are not in our control. Family, friends, relationships, advice, people, opinions, seems like everything becomes traffic. We start to let these and other things become traffic in our lives and we get stuck. Stuck in the same place, moving one step at a time, and even stopping and being idle for no reason at all. If we keep looking at others in traffic or those who want to be in traffic how will we ever see the next exit or the detour sign? While in traffic we may realize that being in traffic and being patience could be God's way of keeping you out of arms way. I guess in the end your never stuck in are traffic.

Lately I've been in traffic but for the good reason. In a funny way I enjoy being in traffic. It gives me time to realize the importance of leaving on time or giving myself some extra time to get to whereI'm going. It is a peace that is irreplaceable amongst all the other things and people who may be rushing through all the traffic. Next to having an orgasam seeing the break in traffic and a clear path is the best feeling in the world and that will make you slap somebody. #DatIshKray