Monday, June 3, 2013

The Purge

I am convinced that balance in this life comes from the good and bad people in your life. As much as you try to be a "good" person, do the right thing, or  surround yourself with good people you soon realize that you are not immune from the bull shit. Seems like these people only exist to undermine, tear down, destroy, and just be a thorn in your ass every chance they can. Your life and tearing it down becomes the breath of fresh air they need to make it through the day.

We all know these people. They have been in your life from the begging of time. They exist in your circle of friends or you consider them a friend They are camouflaged amongst all the good and bad times that you may have had in your life. They come in and out taking different forms and types of relationships. 

They feed off of your existence and use you as a shelf, ladder, or stool at times without you even knowing it. They are you girlfriends, boyfriends, homeboys, homegirls, buddies, BFF, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, etc. These people are like slugs who just wait around for the next "thing" to happen and they have life again. Can you avoid them? Can you live with or without them? Is this God's way of reminding you that everything he created was good even these people? I wish I had the answer because at times I find myself getting caught up in whose for me and whose against me and pushing those away who should matter and paying more attention to those who could careless. 

I tend to think of these people as fishermen. They have plenty bait and time on their hands. They throw the bait in the water and wait. They either have nothing going on for themselves or they are patience enough to hang around until you take the bait. Once that happens they snatch the fish out of the water and decide if they are going to throw the fish back in or take it home and eat it. 

I think we all have been hooked maybe at least once in our lives. Whether we have been eaten or thrown back is the question. Maybe it is for me not to understand or maybe I'm thinking to much. In the end I believe that you truly only know someone for a second and even then you still don't know them. I know one thing... I'm purging their ass!

You have to be on your P's andQ's especially when it comes to the people you add to your circle. Purge the people and  things that don't belong. Hold fast and recognize those people who are in your corner to be in your corner and not to use your corner (just don't forget the one second rule). As hard as it may be you have to deal with the chaos, negativity, and drama others may bring and appreciate going through the storm that people sometimes take you through . Avoiding these people may be impossible but you can learn a lesson from them and never have to repeat that class again. So lock all your doors and windows. Cut on your security system and get your guns, knives, and bats ready. They are coming and that may be a good thing.  #DatIshKray