Friday, November 25, 2011

Ham or turkey?

Is there any difference in being a choice or an option for someone? Is there a difference? Are they both the same thing? Can you have both?  Does having a choice mean you have many options or does having options mean that you have many choices?  However you define  in a relationship being an option, choice or both can be a tragedy.

In a serious relationship you should be the first option and the only choice. You should be just as important as air, cockiness to feel like you make the other person better (at least sometimes), and feel like at any moment you could loose this person. Why would you need a choice or option if you looked at all of that and found someone that gives you everything...someone who the risk is worth taking (i'm just saying). Who wants to be on the back burner... You should always be in wanting.

I have been in relationships where I was one or the other or worse both. You get caught up in being with someone and what that brings and sometimes tend to loose who you are. You begin to settle for the back burner. Directly and indirectly you become either the option, choice, or both.

 Is love an option or choice? As a choice I became the person hoping for something more than what the other person wanted. I was either for the moment, for the time being, or nothing at all. As a choice your feelings and emotions are wrapped into what could be instead of what is. As an option I never really care because I was having my cake and eating it to. As an option you tend to not care. In the end it all ends up sour because you can never get back the time lost or the emotions put into what you wanted or had. In the end being an option was a bad choice I made.

I think having all the choices and options get old as you live and get older. You want more consistency and security instead of the option and choices. The only choices I want to make are where we are going and when we are coming back. The only problem is changing the "I' that I am now and find her so "we" can be... Now that is a choice and option that we all are trying to make (well some of us). I hope to make the right choice one day and have only one option... The rib God used to make my Eve.

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