Friday, January 3, 2014

Grammatical Errors

Well, it is a new Year and for some it is a time to make a bunch of changes so that this year can be better than the last. Changes that will make their life 100 times better than it was before. The "New Year Resolution" is what they call it but is it really a resolution or a nice way to say that I am going to try to do something different only to go back to what I was doing last year if this doesn't work... Again. I don't know and to honest I use to be one of those people. Make a bunch of changes just to go back and do the same thing over and over again. I guess you get comfortable with what you are use to instead of being uncomfortable with the change.

So what is going to make this year different for me? I could say a lot but I would rather do more than I say so what I will do is talk about last year and how it has changed me and helped me to grow a little more. I had a lot going on last year and it truly woke me up and made some things clear about who I was, who I am, and the person I am destined to be.

As a former associate of mine pointed out to me that I was not a very honest person. She truly blasted me for some of my lies and stretching of the truth but it truly was necessary and it woke me up. As a man, the worst thing you can do is not be honest. If all people remember about you are the lies that you have told and you reputation is filled with a bunch of stories about lies you have told you are not really living and worst of all you are not being the man that God wants you to be. So saying sorry is not the route to go but realizing that you have a flaw, learning from your mistakes, and growing is all you can do. We all fall short and even in our short comings God protects us and continues to show us how great he is. He takes care of fools and babies.Be honest with yourself and emotions. Have no regrets and be a man to deal with the choices that you make. Pray and make those choices.

Another Lesson I learned is that you can't live for or through other people. Some people only exist to be a parasite on your life. Some of these people are your closet friends, family, and even people who you meet with an interest of dating or starting something serious. Whatever your process is be sure to go through it and make the best decision for you. Only if you could get a car fax on people. Some people only want you around for the role or moment that you play in their life. Once the moment is up they are up and gone. Find some friends who will stick by you and wipe ya ass or find someone to do it if you can't.

Finally, when you are happy know that the devil works harder to try to bring you down. He does everything he can because he knows that many of us live in the world. He knows that we glorify the here and now and not the Lord. He knows that if he can take us away from the masters promises and guarantees he has won. He even uses friends and family to try to tear us up and bring us down. Don't let him win. Find your joy and peace in the lord and find you someone that can see the God in you. Even when you are acting like a fool the light will still shine. We all are fighting for our spirit and mind and there is nothing better than to find someone to fight with you.

I have lives, learned, and loved. I have a peace that I have been searching for. I have a relationship with the Lord that is forever growing. I have a beautiful women in my life who makes me better every sixty-seconds of every minute. I've made some mistakes, hurt some people, and learned to live with all of that. I'm good, better, blessed and you are too!