Sunday, August 19, 2012

Red Tube

How do you know when enough is enough? Is the safety word really safe? Are we just programmed to think and feel that we have to live up to some supernatural expectations in all that we do? I don't know
what it is but after a few views of RedTube I began to wonder.

Before you go thinking crazy (yes it has bee a while but that is not my point) think for a second what is created in a porno. A fantasy created with an almost perfect world. A bunch of hot steamy sex filled with everything from moans and groans, erotic positions, people, length of time (come on you know you think about going as long as your favorite porn star or it may just be me) and even toys! Directly and indirectly I think we all think about it.

I may have watched to much but I began to look at the attention to detail that the actors and actresses pay to each other. They pay attention to everything that happens in the "flick". For a moment I thought about it and wanted that same attention that is given and received in the porno. It seemed like from one position to the next everything was important. From the moans and groans to every hand movement and gyration things seemed calculated and precise.

Even though it was scripted for the sake of the film it really made me think...

Ok after I finished watching a couple I began to think... Does everyone want to be a porn star?

In life I believe you must find some connection with all that you do. Doesn't matter if it is your job or with someone in a relationship you have to find a connection. You have to find something that will keep you going. You have to find someone that will keep you going. You have to find that one thing that besides breathing you can't live without. 

There may be some exceptions (Like if you were in the latest Debbie does Dallas porno) but in the end there has to be a difference in doing something, something to do, and wanting to do something because everyone is doing it. You can't get caught up in just doing something and not having any connection. You will only waste your time and your performance probably won't be as great as Mason Moore or Mr. Marcus. 

Being in a relationship, on the job, sex, and even just living you have to be connected. The challenge is that the things you do may stay the same but your connections will almost be different every time. You can get married but the connection with your wife/husband could be different. You can get a new job and the people you work with will have a different connection. A porn star can have a bunch of sex everyday with different people and their connection will almost always be different.

 When you find that connection it will be a time like no other. That connection will be so unique that the disappointments will be embraced. The relationship you will have with your "connection" will have no boundaries. It will be free and one that the both of you can't wait to replay over and over again. I believe your connection spiritually and mentally will be tremendously better as well. I believe the connection that you have is directly connected with the passion that you have for what you do or who you are with. Even the home movies you made and tried to sell will be a sight to see or you'll make a bunch of money and be famous.

Whatever your connection is find a connection, stay connected, be true to who you are, hold on and don't let go. Have no regrets and do what feels good. If you do all of that and find someone who it is always good with make a movie everyday for the rest of your life.