Sunday, October 20, 2013

June 16 (Part II)

I can still remember almost falling asleep after sixteen hours of driving. The trunk was filed with clothes, shoes, and hope that the next part of my life would be better than the one I'm leaving behind. As I drove the car became my life story of some sort. Every rest stop, every song, every car or truck I passed, every mile marker, every sign, every step of the way became a rebirth of some sort. It helped make the trip go by fast and also made me realize how amazing life is.

The side mirrors of the car reminded me of all the things  the past couple of years that either sneaked up on me, passed me by, or things that I let get in front of me. You check the side mirrors when you want to get over, switch lanes. You want to be sure that it is clear. Funny that  "objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear" is a constant reminder s you look in your side mirrors. Guess you do have to sometimes look back to move forward & check to see if you have a clear path or lane to switch into. May not be that easy or clear buy it is always good to check.

The rear view mirror reminded me of all the things that I passed, slowed down for to get behind or went faster to pass. This next stage of my life was a big one and I could feel it. For whatever the reason was it felt different. The release and relief of things in my past that I was moving on from and the anticipation of the new things in front of me. The closer I got to my new place the lighter I felt.

Once I arrived I got my keys to my new place, went upstairs, opened the door and laid on the floor. It was a little space but for the first time in a long time it was my space without a care in the world. It was my little peace of mind that in many cases is all we really need in life. All it took was a long ride to a not so familiar place in a car and paying attention to everything in me and around me. #DatIshKray