Sunday, April 27, 2014

Plastic Surgery

Been a minute since I posted something. Almost feels like I've been in hiding like most people do after plastic surgery. I must say with so much going on & so many changes I almost talked myself into deleting my blog. I mentally got caught up with having people read what I post versus the reason why I started writing which was for me. After watching a couple of season of Nip/Tuck (can't believe I never watched that show when it was on) and reminding myself of the reason why I started this blog here I am again with all my perfect imperfections and another post.

Do we all fight with they way things are so much so that we would do anything to change it? If we could get a "reset" on things in our life would we really press the button? We put a lot into the life we live in hopes that it turns out the way we want however life happens and things don't always turn out with the sun shinning. Many of us live life with the umbrella up as we tread through the storm others try to find a quick fix. No matter the route, path, or decision you make one thing is constant and that is change. The question is why do you change?

Change is something that we can't run from. How you deal with it really leaves an impact on you and the life you want to live. People spend hours in the gym trying to change how they look and feel. People go on diets, get trainers, and even have surgery to look and/or feel a certain way. People change their entire wardrobe for a certain look or feel when they get dressed up. People even change who they are at times but for what? What is the real reason why you change? Why did you get that gym membership 1/1/2014 or change your wardrobe?

Change is good especially if you are changing for the better and changing for yourself. Change to be you and not with the crowd. Accept the change and embrace it because with change bring on revelations that you may have not seen. Change everything! Change the people, places, things, and even your prayers but change for you and not for the crowd. Be honest with yourself and change. Change for the better you.

For sometime I've tried to change for the crowd to only see the crowd move forward and I remain in the same place watching others progress. Time to change and hit my stride. It is not enough to have people see potential in you if you don't change. Time to move that potential and... change!