Saturday, February 25, 2012

Willy Wonka

Trying to figure out what you want in a world filled with options is a difficult task. You can pray and keep praying until ya knees turn blue and still may never be satisfied. You can read books, take advice from your friends, or even go sit on that long couch and after all that you may still end up with nothing. Is it just me or does it feel like sometimes the more you try to understand people and the relationship you want your ideas and way of thinking evolves more often then you would like? I'm a stick to my guns person but lately I've been missing the target or shooting blanks

I mean you try to understand someone for who they are, you let go a little because why not take the risk, and in the end you end up back where you started. You loose an opportunity, loose time that you can't get back, and in many cases give of yourself (the risk I was talking about) only to loose to Facebook,Twitter, or someone who was interested in the idea of being in a relationship and not the work. I have my issues like anyone else but I think for the most part if I go to the candy store I know what I want. I don't have to guess and neither does the person at the register. I may look around but in the end it will always be a candy bar in my bag... The one I knew I wanted from the moment I walked in the store.

Do we all just keep holding on to that little bit of hope that one day someone will stop tweeting, updating their status, putting their entire life on the Internet and take some time to live it? Do we all feel that one day after all the good and bad advice that we have gotten that it we just fall together. After all the books, seminars, and sermons (I said it) that our Adam or Eve will walk into our lives. I don't know but I do know that God is faithful and sometimes you have to mess up in order to clean up.

Every child knows one thing when they walk through a candy store... they want candy.  As you get older I guess the real issue is what do you really have a taste for? I do have a sweet tooth but lately I would rather squeeze milk from a cow then walk through a candy store.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't

I wasn't the best in math but lately I've been doing some math... mostly dealing with percentages. I know converting them to decimals is somewhat easy but... Well let me just give you some examples and hopefully you can understand.

If you only give 50% and the other person gives 100% how is that equal?

A 50/50 relationship does not always = 100.

You can give 100% and your return can be -0.

Not everybody adds like 100 + 100 = 1

Some people think that saying 100 & doing 0 = 100

I think most people do & say 100 & expect + 100 = 200 but in many cases it = 0

People are so transparent (really sick of that word) but not real with themselves that people settle for
25 +100 = 50 instead of 100 + 100 = 1 (Transparent people in many cases end up in the - depending on who they try to + with)

If efforts = a*2 and honesty = b*2 and c*2 is the start of something why does c*2 always (more often then not) - or 0? The question I would ask some people.

Some people just will always = 0 no matter how much you try to +. Regardless of you being transparent (last time saying that word), being honest, true to yourself, other people's situations, and your own feelings some people will always = > what you expected. As much as we want two people to = ∞ sometimes you have to - people and stop trying to solve the equations & remain +. God is always + & - people, places, and things out of our lives. Remain + and pay attention to those who actions > what they say.

We have to realize that "even the sun goes down heroes eventually die horoscopes often lie and sometimes "why" nothin' is for sure, nothin' is for certain, nothin' last forever but until they close them curtains"

You get the point... I hope you do anyways.