Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cleaning up my room

After work  I came home and started to clean up. I had a stuff all over the place. It was so much that it almost became depressing. I had old stuff, new stuff, even stuff that I had no use for or never used. What I did was gathered all of the junk, created different piles, and started tackling each one by one. 

The first pile was a compilation of things and people that I have been dragging along or holding onto for a long time. Dragging on the thought of "maybe" or "potential". Hoping that "one day" and knowing that the day probably will never come. Old feelings & emotions that I may have been holding on for some indirect reason (who really knows the reason but I digress). This pile was pretty big because over time things come and go and come back again. 

The second pile was new people that really didn't fit into the grand scheme of things. This pile overlapped with the first pile but in the end it got cleaned up. It started off as a good thing but ultimately turned out to be a mirage. As you grow and mature some people tend to be drawn to you and the possibility of the potential but neglect the process. The difference in meeting some one at a bar when everybody is trying to hook up versus meeting some one that God wants you to be with is the same difference in a Bentley and a Honda Civic. 
After all the phone calls to people, e-mails & face-to-face conversations I was done. I had cleaned up the people, places, emotions, and things (in other words dead weight) that had been messing up my room. When God tells you to clean your room, know that He is making room for something great. Know that He never fails & He is always faithful.

Now I have enough room for what God has for me... I am starting to see the floor.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wipe me down

In the bible one of the shortest verses is John 11:35. The who, what, when, where, and why is not the reason for this post (I'm sure we all have our own beliefs and interpretations) and I'm not trying to explain or convert anyone.

Think for a moment... Jesus with all power in his hand and who knew the tears of others would turn to tears of joy after he rose Lazarus from the dead was overcome with emotion and showed compassion. Jesus wept and there is nothing wrong with that.

Tears are a physical display of emotions. People sometimes cry when they are filled with joy and emotions and other times cry because of pain and hurt. We cry in the inside and out more than we care to admit. We all hurt in different ways at different times over different things. We must remember and never forget that after every storm (regardless of how bad it is or what it is) the sun always comes out.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I have been going  back and forth with a bunch of stuff the last couple of days. From being alone, the nice guys finishing last syndrome, self diagnosing loneliness, even being here. I wanted to runaway or disappear.Even when we are seen by others we can be invisible to ourselves sometimes. "Be are great and I don't make mistakes. Remember it is on my time not yours". The voice faded away as I got up from praying. I'm still here...