Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Bad Sandwich

  "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"
 Keeping a positive mind  and taking on all of the challenges that comes with life is a difficult one that alone (mentally) you can really sink. We often sometime lean on the world and not the word and forget where our help comes from.

We are human and I think that every now and then we go back and forth with the trials and tribulations that we experience directly and indirectly. Whether it is on our job, people we meet, or even what shoes to buy we tend to cloud our minds with a bunch of stuff at times that really hinder who and what God has for us and wants us to be.

If the bible is our recipe book then we have all the ingredients to make a good sandwich. From the pickles to the type of lettuce to use we should never make a bad sandwich. On the other hand, how can we make a good sandwich if we never made a bad one? Was there ever a time when you had all the ingredients to make the perfect sandwich or you always had to looking the fridge to see what you had?

I don't know about you but it seems like I never have all the ingredients. I either have bread but no meat or meat with no bread. I can go and buy what I need and make the sandwich or even make sure every time I go shopping & have the ingredients on the grocery list but really...  Making a good sandwich takes time and many of us (I may just be talking about me) don't plan or shop to make a sandwich. We would rather take the easy way out and go and order a #1-10 of that pink slime & a coke.

I guess my point is that in order to have a clear mind free from all the mess that we deal with in this life is that we have to have faith and patience. We have to keep believing that it is going to get better, be OK, and work out in the end. We have to  keep telling ourselves over and over again that in due time it will be your time. Don't get impatient when in takes to long (Drake voice).

If we take time and follow the instructions in the recipe book we would always be ready to make a good sandwich... regardless of what is in or not in the fridge. Now if only I could take my own advice I can stop making these damn chicken hot dogs.

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