Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Three Amigos

I have come to the conclusion that in this life you don't have friends. I believe that the word "friend" has become an over used word with unreachable expectations. Many times we refer to people as "our friend" and really don't know what a true friend is ourselves. Over the past couple of weeks I have tried to put my mind around what is a friend and who really are my friends. In the end I believe  that you will only have a few that will stick closer to you than any brother.

I believe that there are three type of people who you will encounter in this life. I probably am complicating things (Over the weekend I found out that I do that) but I believe that through experience you begin to develop your own interpretation of things and understanding your friend is no different then living.

There are people who want to know you. These people could really care less if you live or die. They really don;t see any good or bad in you. What they see in you is the moment. "What ever you bring to the party" people are what I like to call them. Have you ever went to a house party and didn't know anyone but the one person who invited you? It feels like a movie or something. You walk in, get introduced, and then wait to see who is going to say something to you or who you are going to say something to. It becomes a game of some sort... just for the moment. After the moment is gone so are they. Never to be seen or heard from again unless another party comes up and they remember that you are good for a round or two of Patron shots.

People who know you are a little different. This relationship/friendship has a little bit of emotions put on it. These people care about you. They marvel in your success and comfort you in the time of need. This is tricky because a lot of times these people feel like they know you enough that you owe them something. Over time these people feel obligated to be around you with you more often then not. The "we cool or just hanging" especially with women becomes a confusing conversation because it tends to end up that somebody wants more. They want to be in a different places regardless of if you want to be or not. People who know you may know you a little bit to close for comfort and use those things to get an advantage on particular situations. They get to know you well enough to use you for what you bring to the party but then  care enough to scratch your back so your can scratch theirs.

Last but not least is a friend. A friend is a brother/sister from another mother/father. These are people who unconditionally have no conditions or expectations of you. A "REAL" friend will take the good and bad that you have. You can argue with a friend and then buy them a steak afterwards. A "REAL" friend will tell you the truth not what you want to hear. A friend can hurt your feelings and you know why. As a man or women it doesn't matter how you categorize people what matters most is that you know who and what people are and know their true intent.

So in the end I guess you have to know who you are before you can really call someone your friend. They say a dog is a man's best friend. So I guess we all should go by dogs... or should we just buy a good blanket, a bible, a blow up doll, or a goat? #DatIshKray

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