Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I'm not blaming myself anymore! I'm not the issue! I'm not the reason why I am alone or unhappy. I'm not going to point fingers at myself! I'm not going to be a second option for someone when I'm good enough to be the option. I'm not going to be the person people expect me to be anymore! I'm no longer going to try to mend broken hearts! I'm not going to hang myself out to dry! I'm not going to let my circumstance impact my success! 

I'm sick and tired of being a secret to people! I'm tired of knowing I deserve better! I'm tired of hoping people will understand me. I'm tired of always explaining! I'm tired of being just a thought to someone when I deserve to be a breath. I'm tired of being empty! I'm tired of people talking and not doing! I'm tired of people being tired when they really haven't done any work! I'm tired of people questioning the person I have become! 

I won't let you steal my joy anymore! I won't let you get in my head and control my thoughts! I won't let the devil win! I won't let you destroy the person I became to be! I won't let you block my blessing! I won't be the person your comfortable with! I won't cry because of you! I won't let your life become my life. I won't let you kill my spirit! I won't continue to be alive in a dead place. I won't waste time wasting it with you!

I will continue to pray! I will be the person that God has destined me to be! I will take one step so God can take two! I will continue to love hard! I will make mistakes! I will forgive! I will cry! I will find Eve! I will live and enjoy the gift of life God has given me! I will believe that God is faithful! I will do what others say can't be done! I will get hurt! I will heal! I will continue to be a great example for my seed! I will continue to feel! I will be passionate! I will continue to try! I will feel! I will be free! I will TTYL8r! I hope you understand. #DatIshKray

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