Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mr. Solo Dolo

What does that really mean? Are you single by choice, by circumstance, experience, or just because? What ever the reason is it is truly your reason. Enjoy the time by yourself and know that even in your loneliness you are not alone. You have a mind that is always with you. Giving you an empty canvas to paint the perfect companion. You have a mind to pray (what ever your religious preference is) that you being single has more to do with a higher power than something that the world created. Make sure your actions and intentions are sincere and not an act during this time. You can hurt yourself and waste two things that you will never get back... time & emotions.

In your "me time" be careful who you bring into the fold. You can easily be attracted to the feeling of having someone, somebody, or something to fill the void you may have instead of waiting for the right time. You may find your self looking back and saying "back then they didn't want me know I'm hot and they still don't want me" but that may be the catch... "They" really didn't want to be with you they just want to replace the title for the time being and not for the long haul.

Listen to your feelings during this time and don't ignore how you want to feel or the real fact is that you really want to be with someone. Be careful not to settle or jump to fast and don't be scared to take strategic risk... Who knows what could happen!

 As much as we all want to feel the same love that Adam had for Eve or that Cookie has for Erving we have to enjoy and cherish all the moments in life. One thing is for sure love is always constant however, the right love, from the right person, at the right time is eternal... whether you are single or not.

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