Monday, November 21, 2011

You think you know... You have no idea

Do you really know people? I mean really... DO YOU KNOW THEM. If you take a moment a think you may find yourself wondering. People change all the time for different reasons. From the weather to life it self people are always changing. You can know someone for years and one day... POW you wake up look at them a they look like a different person. Think about being able to see who people really were... would you be able to handle it?

A scary thing to find out that the relationship you were in for years with the person of your dreams was a nightmare. The person who you thought you were ready to give your all to and for turned out to be somebody else. The family member who you thought had your back and was so proud of you turned out to be somebody else. What about your friends who are your ride or die... yeah somebody else.

Does it happen because as the saying goes "it is what it is" or does it happen because we are all different and change/evolve at different times? Does it happen because at some point, at different times, we all want the same thing or does it happen because all the time we ant something different? does it just happen because...

Ask yourself do you really know all the people in your life... like REALLY know them? Do you really know who YOU are is  probably the question that you need to ask yourself first. Hopefully you do know all the people in your life and know that at some point they are going to change for better or for worse. Then they will have a chance to know you... or will they?

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