Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Playing with yourself can really be painful. I mean going back and forth or a "tennis match" with yourself can really drive you crazy. Think for a second the last time you just did something outside of the box. I mean REALLY outside of the box. Did you put or your morals and perfect views to the side just for that moment or did you realize that you just wanted to feel a certain way and screw all the righteous stuff? Whatever choice or decision you made guess what... YOU DID IT.

In a perfect world we all do the right thing all the time. Our morals, the way we were raised, and views on life are what usually defines us. It becomes our mantra or who we would like to be. Many times life comes along and makes that perfect world not so perfect and we have to do the unthinkable... live.

We have instructions on what we should and should not do in order to get back to that perfect place. The creator gives us instructions as how to live a righteous and faithful life. If followed we are promised a home that is perfect. Regardless of what we have done we have free will and a choice... In other words we have an obligation to live.

Nobody is perfect. It may take us sometime to get an understanding...YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING and not the one that somebody else will be telling you if you don't do this or that you will be going to hell. Make sure you understand and love who you are and who you were created to be. Enjoy yourself as much as you can. Don't get confined in a box or live through a peep hole. I'm not saying be a "Shone" or "FameWhore" but I am saying masturbate with your life but be safe and don't overexert yourself... Enjoy it as much as you can before you go blind.

P.S. If I have a bunch of mistake forgive me my vision is getting very blurry these days... #DatIshKray


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  2. Love you picture, love your blog, and love you without thinking!