Monday, January 16, 2012

A risk worth taking

Well, the year is going. It has started off as usual. Making resolutions that are often broken in a few days, getting your teeth cleaned, joining a gym, and making plans for the future. With all the sayings, doings, books and articles out their right after the new year starts is it funny or just me that we can so easily slip back into are old self?

Think for a moment about the word change . When we think about making a change are body and mind seems to automatically reject it. We go through a process of almost forcing ourselves to do something that we think, heard, or read is supposed to be good for us or to us. In many cases it is a risk worth taking.

I feel like I'm a risk worth taking and often tell myself that in the mirror (if I talk to myself in public some people may say I'm crazy) to remind me the way I am is a risk and all the changes I have made in my life good or bad were risk worth taking. I just recently did something that in my entire life I never did or would have thought of doing. The jury is still out but for the first time in  a long time and in 20102 I felt good... really good. Don't know what the reward could or is going to be but hell... The year is just getting started. Now ain't that ish kray!!!


  1. I'm all for taking some risks!

    I hate resolutions because they feel like you're just building yourself up to fail.

    I figure if no one is going to get hurt, go ahead and do what you want to do. If you die tomorrow, at least you've lived your life.

    P.S. I talk to myself in public too... sometimes I talk to the pigeons.

    1. I love you already....

      On the flip side how many times have we regretted not taking a chance or risk on something?