Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Truman Show

Every felt like you were just living on a TV show? I mean like really just felt like you were playing a role or character on one of those reality television shows (don't know if that is a good thing these days) and it is a marathon showing? I'm sure if you could star and direct the show you wouldn't mind but how much fun would that be?

Imagine for a second if you had theme music when you woke up, an audience to laugh and cry, cameras every where you go, and even a co star... Wait don't we have that already?
I do think sometime that we just live and don't enjoy life. Not all the time but sometimes you get that flat line feeling... The feeling of nothing.

You almost feel like your role on the show is less important and just being on the show is good enough. You feel like no matter what you do you are always on camera. Always being watched and judged. Always having to be a certain way in this scene and that scene. Always putting on a show and never cutting the cameras off.

What if for one day you turned the cameras off? What if for one day you did the opposite of what people expected? What if you woke up and  enjoyed your job or really told someone how you really felt? What if all the tweets, and wall posts didn't matter? What if what happened yesterday stayed in yesterday? What if when you cut the cameras off and looked in the mirror you saw who you really were and not the role you play everyday?

We all fall short and at times get caught up in "the world" hell we are human. The wonderful think about life is that once you realize you are really on a TV or reality show and see the cameras you can stop acting and start living. A hard a difficult thing to do but a relief and realization that can't be replaced. I hope you understand... I hope I do too.

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